Why Choose Screwpiles

Screw Piles are a practical alternative to traditional building foundations. There are many reasons to choose Screw Piles including

Cost effectiveness
Time effective installation
  • Minimal preparation
  • No removal of soil
  • Cleaner outcome
No excavation required
  • no excess soil to be removed
  • no refuse fees
  • eliminates contaminated fill
Suit a range of soil and site conditions
  • Can be used to combat slab settlement and slab heave
  • Can be used in salty areas
  • Options for installation in uneven soil conditions
  • Easy access to more difficult sites
Reduced environmental impact
  • Less soil displacement reducing need for transportation of soil offsite – in turn reducing the carbon footprint on projects
  • Causes minimal damage to tree roots
  • Non corrosive materials used
More durable
  • Not affected by ground water
  • Greater tension capacity
Vibration free installation with limited noise
Reduced risk to the workforce